Thursday, March 11, 2010


It is that time again, where 65 teams all have aspirations to have the streamers and confetti fall down on their faces, cutting the nets down, and having a video of "One Shining Moment" dedicated to them on CBS. The NCAA Tournament has it all: buzzer-beaters, excitement, comebacks, Cinderellas, etc. Exciting isn't it? However, I have a plan to make the most exciting event that is not constricted to one day (like the Super Bowl) even better.

First, there is talk that the committee wants to expand the field to 96 teams, and that is a great idea. Currently, there are 342 teams who compete in Division I, so nearly 30 percent of the eligible teams will participate in the tournament, much like the NFL, where 37.5 percent of the 32 teams make the playoffs. It still would be great and entertaining, because you are adding more quality teams, some from smaller conferences, in the tournament while not watering down the talent pool.

Second, I love the play-in games and there should be more of them. There should be one for each region (East, South, Midwest, and West). In matter of fact...the women's tournament should have play-in games too. So what if it means that 68 or 100 teams are in the tournament? I would change one thing about the play-in games though, and that is the #16 seeds battling in them. Take the last at-large spot in the region and pit together one of the "last team in" teams and the "first team out" teams, in a winner take all deal. The winner goes the the NCAA's and the loser goes to the NIT. I guarantee that you will see a better quality game that you have now. (FYI: Also, if you think that having an HBCU always in the play-in is racist, then obviously you do not know college basketball. The SWAC and MEAC have some of the lowest rated RPI's, but I digress).

Last, bring back the consolation game of the Final Four. Yes, I know, it's anti-climatic, but I needed a filler. However, it would still be a marquee game, nevertheless.

But this is how I would make this better for the fans. And trust me, I am already thinking of ways to do the same for college football too!