Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Note: This was posted by me on November 10th, 2008 from Facebook

*DISCLAIMER: I am not a racist, nor do I promote racism...I just wanted bring to light events that's happened since Tuesday. I am best friends with many whites and blacks and others, and basically I wanted y'alls on to our regularly scheduled programming, lol*

Do you know where you were on Tuesday, November 4th at 10:00 p.m. Central Time? I know where I was. I was with three of my friends in my dorm room, when we switched the TV over to CNN to watch the results of some of the other states, until the following statement was announced..."Barack Obama has clinched the election to become the 44th President of the United States". As we all walked out the door to take in the atmosphere, nothing could prepare us for what was about happen next.

We all stepped outside to cheer and to yell "Obama!", when five to ten seconds after we stepped outside, a lot of black people who heard the word as well had opened their door and cheered, jumped, ran, screamed, and anything else to show their jubilance. Now don't get me wrong, I loved every bit of the exuberance, and it showed that we as black people can band together for something positive, but I thought though, "Was this TOO excessive?" The only reason why I thought that was because, the majority of white people have never given us nothing for 400 years, when they give us a chance (reluctantly), sometimes our actions are what causes us to be shut out or to get further in a position. However, there were even more bizarre things to come in the next day.

Right as many black people were putting Obama-related statuses on Facebook and Myspace, some white people put down ones like "I want to move to (fill-in-the-blank: such as Canada, Denmark, or Australia)". What those people fail to realize is that if they move from what fear (which what they fear won't happen), they will be moving TO what they fear (in actuallity...yes, to my knowledge Canada is socialist). However those were tame as compared to the stuff that Lindsay Boggs and Buck Burnette said. Boggs and Burnette used the dreaded "n-word (with the er)", which caused a firestorm at Louisiana Tech and the University of Texas. Burnette was even kicked off of the Texas Longhorns football team for his comments, while Boggs' comments have been posted all over Facebook.

All in all, you can compare this plight to the O.J. Simpson trail from 1995, where the split was greatly defined. However, this was a lot worse, instead of a fine line a wide gash was opened. But despite of all of this, why can't we all get along after 400 years of us sharing America, 150 years after the abolishment of slavery, and 40 years after the civil rights movement? Some states don't have to worry about race (the Northeast, Florida, and the Pacific Corridor, for examples) but it's the backwards South that constantly makes you think, there's still racism? Hopefully, our 44th President can unite the nation, prove doubters wrong (again), and continue to make people believe with three words..."YES WE CAN!"

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