Wednesday, October 27, 2010


San Francisco Giants vs. Texas Rangers

ANALYSIS: In the most unlikely of World Series matchups, the Giants and Rangers square off in a matchup that pits a good offense and a good defense. The Texas Rangers are making their first appearance ever on baseball’s biggest stage after only winning ONE postseason game before 2010. With the basketball season starting and with the Dallas Cowboys playing uninspired ball thus far, Ranger fever is at its highest that it has ever been. Outfielder Josh Hamilton and midseason pick-up Cliff Lee are the main leaders of the team. With reigning Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum heading the pitching staff, the Giants are trying to win their first championship since moving to California. No San Francisco regular player hit over .305 or drove in over 86 runs, but there still some good hitters such as Aubrey Huff, Juan Uribe, and Buster Posey.
SEASON SERIES: first meeting in 2010
PREDICTION: Rangers in 6
MATCHUP: Tim Lincecum vs. Cliff Lee
PIVOTAL GAME: Game 1 (I believe that whoever is down 1-0 will find it hard to stop the other team’s strengths in the long haul.)

C: Buster Posey vs. Bengie Molina

-The interesting thing is that Molina was a Giant until Jul. 1, leading way for Posey becoming the future catcher of the Giants. Now if this were a footrace, you would not dare pick Molina, but based on experience, you would have to pick a seasoned vet over a rookie, wouldn’t you?

IF: San Francisco vs. Texas
-Nothing against Michael Young, Ian Kinsler, and Elvis Andrus, but San Francisco has the more solid infield. First baseman Aubrey Huff led the Giants in home runs and RBI, third baseman Pablo Sandoval is a good hitter whenever he is on, and shortstop Edgar Renteria has been in this position before (his game-winning hit in the 1997 World Series still haunts Cleveland Indian fans to this day).

OF: San Francisco vs. Texas
-Some things in life are not fair. The fact that Texas' outfielders are much better than San Francisco's is one of those things. Josh Hamilton won the ALCS MVP and hit .359 with 32 home runs and 100 RBIs in the regular season. Designated hitter (and part-time outfielder) Vladimir Guerrero bounced back from a injury-plauged 2009 season to lead the Rangers with 115 RBIs.

SP: San Francisco vs. Texas
-Texas has Cliff Lee, who is 7-0 in the postseason. However, despite his dominance, the Rangers' starters do not match up to the rest of the Giants' starters. Matt Cain is a great #2 pitcher and he has not allowed a run in the 2010 playoffs. Jonathan Sanchez is not a bad option either, since he pitched a no-hitter in 2009. Oh yeah, and did I mention that the Giants have Tim Lincecum?

RP: San Francisco vs. Texas
-If San Francisco keeps it close, then its bullpen will prevail thanks to the one-run games it has encountered. Neftali Feliz recorded 40 saves, yet hasn't been in a save situation because Texas is winning games decisively. Brian Wilson has five saves and was vital in the Giants' six-game NLCS win over the Philadelphia Phillies. He, like Cain, has yet to allow a run in the 2010 postseason.

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