Monday, December 3, 2012


Hello ladies and gentlemen,

As you might have known, it has been a good while since I have written on here last. And I like to say that I am sorry for the lengthy delay whether you are a causal reader of this blog or an avid one.

Since I have been gone away, I have a new job that sometimes takes away from whatever brainstorming I may have. At the same time, I am still holding on to hope of becoming a professional journalist of some sort or at least a teacher imparting those skills to another person. While we at it, I am still a freelancer with the Shreveport Times and I was named as a co-prep journalist of the year for the second consecutive year for my work during the high school football season.

But let's talk about what's coming on the way.

I have a few new ideas that I hope to roll out in a timely matter such as bowl picks, conference realignment, and anything else (even other topics outside of sports).

Also, I would like to showcase a new project that I am working on with my close friend, should-be brother, and fellow journalist Robert Brown (@UptownBobby on Twitter) in the form of a radio show that is just six episodes in, but is gaining some great steam (you can catch archives of "Gafford and Brown" HERE). I hope that I can use the blog and the show as compliments of each other and I feel like that will happen.

Once again, sorry that I was away, but hopefully we can get the ball back rolling again.

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